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Mercuriall Audio Euphoria

Mercuriall Audio Euphoria  ·  Source: Mercuriall Audio


That went quicker than we were expecting! Having just got excited about the teaser video, we’ve just received full details of Mercuriall’s new amp sim plug-in. It’s called Euphoria, it’s based on a modded version of a Bogner amp, it uses neural networking techniques to achieve its sound. 


Neural Hybrid Engine 1.5

Mercuriall Audio’s  Euphoria is modelled on a special version of Reinhold Bogner’s all-tube Ecstasy 101B amplifier. This particular model has been fitted with the optional Cameron factory mod.

The plug-in uses Mercuriall’s Neural Hybrid Engine 1.5 to create its amp tones. The demo sounds we’ve heard so far are, well, pretty stunning, actually. They range from Fender-style cleans through to Marshall crunch and beyond. 12 power amp settings are available, as well as more preamp switches. This lets you go through some classic amp voices of yesteryear, including Fender, Vox and Marshall. Push it further and you’re into modern high-gain amp territory.

There’s also a range of built-in effects modelled on pedals by Boss, Ibanez, Mesa Boogie and Dunlop. A variety of cabinets are available too. The modelled tubes offered here include 12AX7GTR and EL34B, which you can bypass completely. 

Then there are virtual recreations of various microphones including industry standards by Shure, Sennheiser and Royer. All in all, there is a lot in this one package and I cannot wait to try it out in my own setup.

Mercuriall Audio Euphoria with virtual valves

Mercuriall Audio Euphoria with virtual valves · Source: Mercuriall Audio


Preamp Section:
  • Tubes: 12AX7GTR
  • Can be turned off independently from power amp
Power Amp Section:
  • Tubes: 12AX7GTR, EL34B
  • Can be turned off independently from preamp
Cabinet Section:
  • 2D cab based on Redwirez IRs (internal cab)
  • Cab based on Bogner Uberkab 412 – 4×12 Celestion G12T-75
  • Cab based on MESA/BOOGIE 412 – 4×12 Celestion V30s
  • Cab based on Marshall 1960B – 4×12 Greenback
  • Cab based on Marshall 1960B – 4×12 JBL K120 (vintage)
  • Microphones: Shure SM57, Sennheiser MD441, Royer R121
  • Option to load your own Cab IRs (external cab)
  • Option to load your own room IRs and mix with a built-in or external cab
Effects/stomps section:
  • Noise Gate
  • Wah-Wah based on Dunlop CryBaby 535Q
  • Overdrive based on Ibanez TS-808
  • Overdrive based on Ibanez TS-808 Low Drive Mod
  • Overdrive based MESA/BOOGIE Grid Slammer
  • Overdrive based on Boss Super Overdrive
  • Distortion based on Boss Metal Zone MT-2™
  • Stereo Chorus
  • Stereo Delay
Mercuriall Audio Euphoria uses Neural Networks

Mercuriall Audio Euphoria · Source: Mercuriall Audio


The supported platforms are

  • Mac OSX 10.12 and newer: VST, AU, AAX, and 
  • PC Windows 7 and above: VST, AAX

The plug-in is fully 64-bit. You can run it in three screen sizes, so it can handle 2K or 4K monitors. There’s also a standalone version as well. It also can handle mono and stereo with sample rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHz.

RRP: USD 99.99 standard pricing or USD 79.99 for existing customers and USD 89.99 for the first five days after launch for new customers.

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