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karacter mix

The karacter mix plug-in is for straightforward processing.  ·  Source:

karacter bundle - master

The Master plug-in is great for adding distortion with more finesse.  ·  Source:


Plugin Alliance has something up its sleeve for those who enjoy using saturation processors to give recorded audio more sheen and vibe. Although it’s not technically out yet, the ‘karacter’ bundle of two mix and master plug-ins modelling revered gear by elysia is available for a free trial. The karacter Discrete Class A Stereo Saturator unit has been digitally re-created by Brainworx, known for a whole bunch of analog processor representations. It is referred to as “The Coloring Box” for the particular flavour it gives to tracks – more saturated, yet polished in the top-end.


While the karacter mix plug-in is used for basic treatment of regular mono and stereo tracks, master is optimal for working on complete mixes, stems, and submixes. It features independent controls for left and right audio channels, as well as mid/side processing.

The mix and master tools provide three saturation modes – Saturation (emphasizes odd harmonics to give audio more weight), FET Shred (for tube overdrive mayhem), and Turbo Boost (hard clipping for ugly, unapologetic distorted audio). The Drive control lets you dial in the precise amount of saturation you want, while the Color knob manipulates the EQ curve – for example, notching up the bottom end while subduing highs. Finally, there’s the Mix control to blend the original and processed signal together how you want it.


Clearly, there’s lots of power in the karacter bundle, which covers subtle saturation all the way to brutal fuzz. Any sound source in need of a proper shake-up, such as an all-too-clean sounding synth line, can do with the just the right amount of rustling. Tools like these let you distort and saturate audio in a tasteful, musically pleasant manner. We don’t know when karacter it’s going to be out, but it’s very close to being finished and put on sale. More information is available here.

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karacter bundle - master

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