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Electro-Harmonix Bass Clone chorus

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The Electro Harmonix Bass Clone pedal is their new version of this classic guitar chorus effect, just tweaked and made specifically for your bass guitar.


Come As You Are

Yes, that favourite chorus sound as used on many hit records (including that Nirvana song) has now been re-designed for our bass playing counterparts. Electro Harmonix claim the basic circuit is the same and that they have just modified it so that it sits better with the lower frequencies of a bass guitar.


The new Bass Clone chorus pedal has an added X-Over feature which is a crossover, this cuts some of the low end just out of the processed part of the signal, so that the chorus shines through. As the chorus effect can now sound more defined and with less mush from those frequencies that are too low and would normally muddy your tone. You get to keep your low end, it just passes through un-affected by modulation.

Electro Harmonix have also added a Bass which just affects the dry signal and Treble control for added control of the processed signal, again this should help you get a bass tone that cuts through a mix when needed and so is a welcome addition to the pedal from my perspective, as it means you can adjust or compensate when playing live and get a good core sound tweaked just how you like.

Rather than a Depth switch like the Small Clone guitar pedal, there is a Depth knob instead, with varying amounts of depth at your disposal.


Looks to me to be a very nice update for bass players and one which could prove to very popular as well. I have a soft spot for the original Small Clone chorus pedal, as its simplicity is its strength.


I’m hoping that the new Bass Clone follows in the footsteps of its guitar based sibling as well, as the original pedals are really very good at what they do.

RRP USD $90.40

Electro Harmonix Bass Clone specs here 

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Electro-Harmonix Bass Clone chorus

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