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Electro Harmonix Wailer Wah

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Electro-Harmonix Wailer Wah pedal is a new affordable wah-wah pedal from the company and is based upon their Crying Tone wah pedal, but thankfully in a more traditional treadle version. After last week’s EHX Bass Clone announcement it looks like the company are on a roll again with pedal releases for the Autumn.


Cocked Wah

The original EHX Crying Tone wah sounded great, just it was in a stupid rocking ‘all one piece’ oddball design and you couldn’t ‘cock it’ in one position and use it as a filter. So lots of players just avoided it, because of this odd design.

Well EHX has now ‘redesigned’ it back into a more traditional wah pedal format and made it super cheap. Personally, I love wah pedals and so was quite excited to see that EHX had finally seen sense and released the circuit in a more pedal board friendly, useable format.

It is true bypass and runs from either a 9v battery or power supply which means it’ll be perfect for most players and has no weird requirements. As yet Electro-Harmonix has yet to announce exactly how cheap it will be, so we will all just have to wait and see.



The Wailer Wah is made out of a lightweight polymer that EHX claims is rugged and comes in at around 1.5lbs in weight, so unlike a traditional metal chassis wah which can often weigh a tonne. I’m hoping it comes in at under the £40 mark, yet with the current exchange rate of the pound against the dollar being so poor, that may not happen. I think if they get the price right then it could actually be a big seller.

The demo below sounds pretty good, so if it is well made and affordable I can see it being popular.

Price TBC

Electro-Harmonix Wailer Wah details here

Electro Harmonix Wailer Wah

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