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Electro-Harmonix BASS9 Bass Machine

Electro-Harmonix BASS9 Bass Machine  ·  Source: Electro-Harmonix


New York’s Electro-Harmonix has a new pedal: the new BASS9 Bass Machine. This compact pedal uses a unique algorithm to pitch-shift your guitar down to give you nine bass sounds, letting you mimic many classic bass guitar tones.


Electro-Harmonix BASS9 Bass Machine

As the name suggests, the new Electro Harmonix BASS9 Bass Machine makes nine different bass tones available to you. EHX says it has fast tracking and proprietary DSP and it looks like it covers a lot of ground for guitarists wanting to play baselines on their guitar.

Her’s a comprehensive list of each of the nine bass guitars on offer. The sound is selected using the big white knob.

PRECISION: The original Fender Precision bass tone
LONGHORN: Emulates the Danelectro 6-string bass
FRETLESS: Both electric and standup fretless bass guitar tones.
SYNTH: The classic Taurus Synthesizer
VIRTUAL: A user adjustable bass with control for body density and neck length for a variety of bass sounds
BOWED: Classic bowed bass
SPLIT BASS: Makes it possible for you to play bass on the lower strings (all notes below F#3) and chords or melody with the higher strings.
3:03: A polyphonic version of the legendary Roland TB-303 vintage bass synth
FLIP-FLOP: Based on the EHX Octave Multiplexer, it provides a ’70s style logic driven sub-octave generator that tracks without glitches.

Electro-Harmonix BASS9 Bass Machine

Electro-Harmonix BASS9 Bass Machine


The pedal has independent Effect and Dry volume controls so you can the blend in the amount of bass with your dry guitar signal. You also can send each signal to its own output, so you can amplify them separately. CTRL1 and CTRL 2 are assigned to various parameters, dependant on which bass model you choose.

The whole layout of the new Electro Harmonix BASS9 Bass Machine is, in my opinion, well thought-out and seems easy to use. I like that you get a variety of bass models, including synth models, making it handy for a lot of scenarios. Plus, it has the classic P Bass, so that’s one model could give many players a lot of mileage just by itself – as long as it sounds good.

Check out the video below to hear it in action. Follow the link to the official product page for more information.



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Electro-Harmonix BASS9 Bass Machine

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