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EHX Mod11

EHX Mod11  ·  Source: Electro Harmonix


Not even a week ago, Electro-Harmonix introduced the new Bass9, a pedal that turns your guitar into a bass. Now, the NY-based pedal maker has launched the Mod11, a dedicated modulation effect with visual cues from the EHX Oceans11 reverb.


EHX Mod11

Modulation is a great effect for electric guitars. Used sparingly, it brings movement and character to your sound. But if you use too much, it can detract from your guitar’s tone.

With the Mod11, Electro-Harmonix is intent on giving you plenty of options in one pedal. Its designers have crammed 11 algorithms into this relatively small pedal. Of course, this is an all-digital effect. But well-designed DSPs can sound as good as an old analogue effect, and the audio examples available so far at EHX’s website all sound pretty good.

Modulation Modes

  1. Trem – tremolo
  2. Harm – Harmonic tremolo, high and low separately
  3. Vibr – pitch modulation, velocity affects rate or depth
  4. Uni – Univibe, Chorus + Vibrato + Overdrive
  5. Chorus – Small Clone
  6. Rotary – Leslie + Overdrive, stroke can affect speed
  7. Flange – additive or subtractive flanger, different LFOs
  8. TZF – Through-Zero-Flanger, like Flanger + Zero Point Crossing
  9. Phase – 4-, 6- or 8-stage phasers, various LFOs
  10. Pitch – modulated pitch shifter
  11. Filt – modulated filter effects (Low, Hig-h, Band-Pass), also Q-Tron sounds possible


As with the Canyon and Oceans11, the Mod11 has four controllers located around Mode switch. Three knobs are labelled Depth, Rate, Volume/Color. The fourth is the selector knob used to choose the modulation effect you want.

In the middle is the mode button, used to select different parameters for editing the various effects. Each has 2-3 different modes that change the sound in a different way. With the phaser, for example, the mode button chooses how many stages are are active. For the flanger you can choose between additive or subtractive. There’s also a Secondary Knob mode, with more parameters available for editing. This is accessed by holding down the knob mode for one second. Now you can use the Rate and Volume/Color knobs to make more settings, like LFO shape or Mix.


The footswitch also has a Momentary mode for adding quick stabs of an effect by holding the footswitch down, then releasing when you want to turn the effect off. Neat.

For the money, this new modulation packs in a lot of desirable modulation effects. And the additional editing modes are also welcome. But it is also pretty compact, always a bonus on cramped pedalboards.

RRP – USD 151

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EHX Mod11

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