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MXR M305 Tremolo

MXR M305 Tremolo  ·  Source: YouTube/PMTVUK

The new MXR M305 Tremolo expands upon the company’s classic Tremolo pedal and brings it up to date with six new waveforms that encompass old and new modes, along with stereo operation and more.

MXR M305 Tremolo

Tremolo, for me, is one of the core classic vintage effects for guitar, and I have always associated it with those great old American valve amps of the past that we all lust after. This new MXR M305 Tremolo takes the formula and brings it screaming up to date for modern players’ requirements. We now have six tremolo waveforms which include all the old ones we adore, and adds a few new modern ones as well.

MXR M305 Tremolo

MXR M305 Tremolo with six distinct waveforms onboard

Six Modes

Modes include the original M159 Stereo Tremolo that we all know, and which sounds like a classic vintage Fender tremolo to me. The Bias is a ’60s tube-amp style effect with tonnes of compression and juiciness. Then there is a Revo, which has more extreme peaks and troughs, as it runs an optical tremolo waveform backwards, a classic Opto photo cell setting, and an SQR square-wave type tremolo for a more choppy effect. And finnally Harm, which is a more modulated, phaser-like tremolo, similar to those found in vintage valve amps such as Magnatone and the old Supro amplifiers. This gives you an awful lot of very useable variety in one unit and should be ideal for the jobbing musician.

MXR M305 Tremolo with tap tempo:Expression or stereo output

MXR M305 Tremolo with tap tempo:Expression or stereo output


Speed, Gain, and Depth knobs set the rate, volume, and intensity of the effect, and you can cycle through the six waveforms by pushing the Gain knob. Three dual colour LEDs on the front show which setting has been chosen. We’ll also be coming back to that Gain control in a bit, as it does more than just adjust the tremolo effects output…

The Switches and more

The pedal can be run in mono or stereo via TRS input and output jacks. This can be done via an internal switch. You can also opt for true-bypass or a buffered bypass, again via an internal switch on the PCB.

On the side of the pedal you’ll find a three position mini-switch. This allows you to put the M305 into either stereo operation so you can avoid using TRS output and use the expression input as an audio output, or use tap tempo via a pedal or an expression pedal, allowing you to blend between two user preset tremolo configurations. Nice.

Secret Envelope Mode

The pedal can also be set so that the sensitivity of your playing dynamics affects the envelope of the tremolo effect. To access the hidden Envelope Mode, you need to hold down that Gain knob for a few seconds and voila, you have a touch sensitive tremolo effect!

This little purple pedal has a lot to offer, and for the money, I think it covers an awful lot of bases. I’m a big fan of the tremolo effect in general and could happily see this pedal finding a spot on my pedalboard. Check out some of the demo videos below to hear it in action, as I think it sounds really good.

Price includes the MXR power supply needed to run the pedal, as it will not run from an internal battery because it requires more power than a standard 9 volt a PP3 can give.

RRP – USD 159 inc power supply

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