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Earthquaker Devices

Earthquaker Devices get new flexi switches in this update  ·  Source: Earthquaker Devices


Distributing an update for software to customers is not that difficult. But if you want to equip hardware such as guitar pedals with new features, you’re looking at a redesign of the whole unit. And so it is with the updates to several Earthquaker Devices’ pedals, which now feature what its maker is calling Flexi-Switches. 


Arpanoid V2, Grand Orbiter V3, Palisades V2 and Warden V2

The polyphonic arpeggiator Arpanoid, the Phaser/Vibrato Grand Orbiter and the overdrive Palisades all get new footswitches from Flexi-Switch, a US company based in Ohio. Apparently, this lets you the trigger momentary and latch functions. The idea is that as long as it is pressed, the switch will toggle the effect. But at the time of writing this article, not much information is listed on the new Flexi-Switches and so we aren’t 100% sure exactly which parameters can be controlled via this new hardware. Maybe it will be a pressure-sensitive switch to modulate the effect depending on how heavily you press the switch?

I get a feeling that it will be similar to TC Electronics new switch system that has been added to a number of its pedals this year, including the Flashback 2. Their new MASH technology allows you to control parameters with your foot and is supposed to replace an external foot controller.


Soft-Click Relay

All four pedals also get the Soft-Click Relay circuit, for crackle-free switching across the range, all including the Warden Optical Compressor. The prices will probably stay the say for the new versions, so if you have been looking for any of these pedals recently then you may want to hold off buying them until these new versions start shipping to dealers.

RRP –  Arpanoid V2 GBP 229, Grand Orbiter V3 GBP £209, Palisades V2 GBP 249 and The Warden V2 GBP 209

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