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Analogue Solutions Dr Strangelove

Analogue Solutions Dr Strangelove  ·  Source: Analogue Solutions

Analogue Solutions continue their range of desktop “Synthblocks” with Dr Strangelove. Following on from the Mr Hyde chemical filter box, Dr Strangelove is a ring modulator that leaves devastation in its wake – or something other bomb related hyperbole. It’s yellow with a big knob and looks like fun.

Dr Strangelove

I am enjoying the concept of these Synthblocks and loving the naming conventions. So what’s this one all about? It’s a Ring Modulator with analogue LFO modulation and a lo-fi echo. There are 1/4″ audio inputs and outputs. The LFO has two waveforms and can head up into the audio range. It has audio and CV in/out on minijack for instant Eurorack integration. There’s no special connection to the Mr Hyde but you could do some cross controlling via CV.

I don’t have any other information at the moment. The big knob is labelled “Fallout” and the other one “Change” which presumably control the frequency and depth of the modulation. There’s a “Hard/Soft” rocker switch and a Regeneration section which I’m assuming is the echo. If anyone comes across a video or sound example then please let me know!

Otherwise, more information should hopefully appear on the Analogue Solutions website. What it does say is that it will cost £255 and their Facebook page says the pre-production units have just arrived. Looking forward to more!

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