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Dr No The RoadRunner “Octave Fuzz Wah Flying Machina” signature model for David Catching of The Eagles Of Death Metal fame.

The RoadRunner is an old school high end, Fuzz Wah Octavia  ·  Source:

Dr No The RoadRunner “Octave Fuzz Wah Flying Machina” signature model for David Catching of The Eagles Of Death Metal fame.

Looking like Captain America's codpiece. The RoadRunner Wah/Fuzz Octavia pedal isn't subtle in its appearance. Far from it!  ·  Source:

Dr.No Effcts have announced a new vintage-inspired hybrid fuzz/wah/octave pedal, made in conjunction with The Eagles Of Death Metal guitarist David Catching.


Looking a bit like Captain America’s oversized beltbuckle, it sports a red, white and blue flock finish. In fact the whole pedal design screams “‘Murica!”, and its take on vintage Americana looks kind of interesting. The colour scheme may well divide opinion; I predict you’ll either love it or hate it. However, flock finishes can end up looking pretty rank after a while, resembling a mouldy peach after a few live gigs. This happened to me playing one of the old Foxxtone fuzz units with a flock finish. It didn’t age well, in fact it ended looking and smelling like road kill. Time will tell if Dr.No has given this pedal a finish that can withstand live situations.

The unit itself is based on a classic vintage-style fuzz/wah/octave pedal and has controls for volume, intensity and fuzz, an octave on/off switch, and a wah capacitor with three options. This could make it a versatile unit. I do wonder, though, if there’s a little too much going on for live use. I would find all those dials a pain to negotiate on the fly. But that won’t be an issue if you set and forget it before your gig.

After the horrendous Paris terror attacks in November during a The Eagles Of Death Metal concert, Dr.No effects have decided to donate the profits from this new pedal to The Sweet Stuff Foundation. This charity helps musicians and recording studio staff suffering through illness and disability. At the moment, the charity is focussing on the victims of the terror attacks, as well as their relatives and friends. The pledge runs through to December 31st, 2015.

All Dr.No pedals are hand-built in the USA, and use analogue circuits. The company offers a range of vintage-inspired effects pedals. They seem to like their fuzz pedals, as their range includes a variety of distortion, drive and fuzz units. This new hybrid pedal should fit well into their existing range.


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