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Aurex DIVA CTRL  ·  Source: Aurex


Aurex DIVA CTRL  ·  Source: Aurex


New on Kickstarter is a template and overlay for the Novation LaunchControl XL designed to harness all the parameters of the U-He DIVA software synthesizer and place them at your fingertips.



The idea is to help you forget that you’re using a software synthesizer and instead give you a hardware experience for sound design, performance and patch tweaking. The creator, Aurex, developed this combination of advanced MIDI programming and an overlay to give you the ultimate MIDI controller for U-He DIVA.

The programming is done in BOME and it translates every MIDI message generated by the LauchControl XL into relevant MIDI data for DIVA. You could, of course, do this sort of thing yourself with any MIDI controller but few people would take it to this depth or detail and by choosing a specific controller it ensures that everything is going to work straight away. It’s not just MIDI mapping, this is scripting. You can pull up the Modulation Routing page and assign 16 sources to many destinations all with dedicated controls and LEDs to indicate how they are functioning in the page.

Here are the key features:

  • MIDI control tool for Novation LaunchControl XL and U-He Diva
  • custom high-quality cover overlay with a very user-friendly layout of all functions
  • over 130 parameters mapped
  • envelope 8F function to control both envelopes at the same time with 8 faders.
  • extensive but super easy modulation routing page
  • all oscillator models and envelopes selectable• all filter models selectable, filter modes and options inclusive
  • 3 filter select modes: VCF1 only, HPF only and Unify (select the same model for VCF1 and HPF)
  • OSC, FILTER (+ ROUTINGS) reset function
  • LFO 1&2 speed selection with buttons
  • LFO 1&2 wave selection with buttons
  • all knobs jump to correct values when needed – no wrong ‘in-between’ settings

You will need to own a Novation LaunchControl XL and a copy of U-He DIVA to get it all to work.

The early bird price for the bundle of control software and overlay is €30 going up to €45 once the first 100 are taken. Aurex is looking to raise £6,765 which amounts to around 180 people buying into the idea. That feels like a lot of people for such a specific combination of software and hardware. But he is hoping to expand into supporting other synthesizers later on.

It’s a great idea. Good, integrated hardware control is hard to come by and always pushes you into creative places. I think the Kickstarter goal might be a tall order but this could be useful to a lot of people.

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