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Plug And Mix Pro Series

Plug And Mix Pro Series  ·  Source: Plug And Mix / Gearnews

The Plug And Mix Pro Series effects bundle for mixing and mastering is on sale for a limited time. At over 60% off, this deal is a great opportunity to add the Plug And Mix equalizer, compressor and exciter plug-ins to your collection.

Plug And Mix Pro Series plug-ins on sale

Thomann is currently offering the Plug And Mix Pro Series plug-in bundle for under GBP 80. It includes the Emax precision linear phase equalizer with an integrated sonic maximizer. According to the developer, the Emax EQ offers a transparent sound and preserves the transients. Also included is the OptoMax compressor. In addition to the usual parameters, the compressor plug-in features a sidechain EQ, lookahead option and a stereo widening effect, as well as various metering options.

The third plug-in of the Pro Series is the Tube Exciter, which comes with a variety of features for adding punch and clarity to your tracks. It includes an exciter, saturator and sub bass enhancer, as well as a clipper and an analog mode. Together, the three plug-ins form a comprehensive bundle of mixing and mastering plug-ins. No matter if you’re just starting out or want to expand your collection, you shouldn’t miss this deal.

Price and compatibility

Thomann.de is currently offering the Plug And Mix Pro Series bundle for GBP 79 / EUR 99. That’s over 60% off the regular price of EUR 249. This deal is available until March 2, 2020. The plug-ins run on macOS 10.7 or higher and Windows 7 or higher. They come in VST, AU and AAX formats (32/64 bit). One license covers up to five computers. You can download trial versions of the plug-ins from the developer’s website.

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