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Daily Beats VST

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Here’s a useful free instrument from Daily Beats, which although it’s called Daily Beats VST, it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with drums or percussion. It’s a virtual instrument with 14 sampled sounds using up 1.6GB of sample content.

Daily Beats VST

It’s got a fresh, clean interface. A classic synth module workstation display and a nice looking VU meter. The 14 sounds cover grand pianos, guitars, strings and orchestral instruments. It couldn’t really be further from the idea of “beats”. But for some basic, good quality sounds this is a nice little selection.

Daily Beats say that all the sounds are clean and unprocessed and all there is to play with is a simple ADSR envelope to give you some shaping possibilities. You can also change the skin because that’s always a source of inspiration…

You have to order it through the online store and so you’ll be giving up email and home address details if you want to get your hands on it. But otherwise, it’s completely free and is currently VST compatible or stand-alone on Windows only.

For more information head over to the Daily Beats website.


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