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Crumar Performer

Crumar Performer  ·  Source: Crumar

Crumar has released an authentic emulation of their classic 1979 string machine Performer. The deluxe version comes with a t-shirt!


The Crumar Performer was a 49 keyed string machine that also had a brass section. It rivalled the Roland’s, Solinas and Freeman’s of the day and was a more compact and modern version of the Multimas-S (Orchestrator) that they had previously released.

In a quite exciting video Crumar goes into some detail about the origins and poses the question about whether it’s possible to recreate the experience of playing a String Machine with digital technology. It sounds a bit like the introduction to The Six Million Dollar Man – “we can rebuild him” or maybe it’s just me.

They spent a year going through the original schematics and taking a few originals apart to model the circuitry. They say it’s not just a re-issue but rather it’s a tribute to the String Machine period of history.

The GUI reflects the original instrument to every detail. They’ve also added a large effects section with replicas of classic effect stompboxes including EQ, phaser, chorus and analog delay. They added a whole bunch of adjustable background parameters to enable you to match the various versions and revisions that came out of the factory.

Crumar has done a brilliant job of capturing this classic machine and offers everything a fan could possibly want from an emulation.

Performer is available now for €99 as a download for macOS or Windows in VST, AU and standalone formats. There’s an option to download a demo version if you want t try it out. Or why not go for the deluxe version and get a t-shirt, poster, stickers and a metal laser-engraved USB stick for €129.

Crumar Performer Deluxe bundle

Crumar Performer Deluxe bundle

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