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Catalinbread SFT Amped Stones Stoner pedal drive dirt fuzz baxandall tone stack

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Today Catalinbread have released the SFT stomp box, based around an old ‘60s Ampeg bass amp and utilising a Baxandall tone stack. It was originally designed as a bass overdrive, but then guitarists started ‘borrowing’ it.


Catalinbread have put together a good sounding pedal. Based around an Ampeg bass amp tone (used by the Rolling Stones on Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out) the SFT has four knobs and a switch to go between ‘Stones’ and ‘Stoner’ mode. The first mode is a classic ‘second generation white boy blues’ tone, the latter being sludgy and downright dirty. This is my kind of pedal and I like the two variations, which are both very useable for those that like a bit of classic dirt and also a bit of filth, too.

The Baxandall tone stack is a classic tone control used for its ability to blend frequencies. In this case two controls – Bass and Treble – are also controlling the mid-range frequencies between them. It’s often used in hi-fi applications, although some guitar amps have also utilised it. I’ve owned a few old ‘70s linear valve heads that incorporated it and it’s very useable, so I was pleased to see that Catalinbread used it on the SFT.

The other two controls on the SFT are Volume and Gain, giving a nice, simple layout. I really like the tones in the demo video. Both appear very useable and the simple pedal layout is always something I appreciate, as it makes it easy to dial sounds in and to use live. I know Josh Homme of QOTSA was a fan of the original version of the SFT pedal, so this new one should appeal to his admirers.

The SFT can run of a 9-Volt battery or either a 9V up to 18-Volt power supply. The company states that the 9V option will be a ‘softer feel’ whereas the 18V would allow more headroom.

RRP USD $179.99 released 29th February

Catalinbread SFT specs


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