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Caparison Michael James Romeo Signature model

Caparison Michael James Romeo Signature model  ·  Source: Caparison


Michael James Romeo is the lead guitarist and founding member of the progressive metal act Symphony X. Caparison has worked closely with him on his own signature guitar and it features some unique design choices designed for high performance playing styles.


Caparison Dellinger Prominence-MJR

The new Caparison Dellinger Prominence-MJR departs from the the standard Dellinger body style. It has to a Dellinger Prominence body with a carved top rather than being flat like the regular Dellinger. Caparison has tried to give this bolt-on neck guitar the feel of a through-neck model.

M3 Sandwich

With this unique M3 design which is essentially a sandwiched construction that consists of a central maple core section between two mahogany wings, with the bolt-on neck attaching directly to the maple section for a better tonal transfer. Caparison state on their site that they achieve a result which is balanced and has more focused low frequencies and gives the guitar a rich sustain.

Bold claims, but Caparison are well known for making very high-end guitars and their models are all hand-built in Japan, so I think they would have a good understanding of guitar construction, so who am I to argue.

Caparison Michael James Romeo Signature maple bolt-on neck meets maple M3 core

Caparison Michael James Romeo Signature maple bolt-on neck meets maple M3 core · Source: Caparison

Super Jumbo

The oiled maple neck has Jim Dunlop super jumbo frets to helps with fast playing and a modified neck profile, which Michael James Romeo has specified as he feels it also enables him to play faster, this guitar is obviously all about high-performance modern metal playing and doesn’t shy away from this in the slightest.

A pair of DiMarzio pickups Tone Zone in the neck and an X2N in the bridge position are wired to a single volume control and a three-way switch, for maximum simplicity and ease of use. No tone pots or fancy switching here and just pure humbucker output instead.

The Schaller S-FRT II Floyd Rose is paired with a set of Gotoh tuners and as it is a double locking trem system, I would expect it to maintain tuning with no issues, especially as the German made Schaller units are some of the best Floyd Rose variations on the market right now.

A nice high-performance guitar and one with some very high-quality hardware, so expect perfection with this one I reckon.

RRP USD 2799 inc Reunion Blues Continental Case

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Caparison Michael James Romeo Signature model

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