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Caparison Mattias Eklundh's Apple Horn 8

Caparison Mattias Eklundh's Apple Horn 8  ·  Source: Caparison

Caparison Guitars has just announced a new behemoth of an 8-string guitar: A signature model for Mattias Eklundh called the Apple Horn 8. Now, this beast has some insanely good features and specifications. But its heavily personalised design makes it more of a curiosity than a guitar with broad appeal.


Caparison Guitars’ Mattias Eklundhs Apple Horn 8 signature

According to Caparison’s website, the company believes this model to be “the pinnacle of extreme guitar design”. While that may be quite a claim, this guitar certainly does have a lot of, well, interesting appointments. These include a mahogany body with a walnut top, 27 True Temperament frets, DiMarzio pickups, an FU-Tone tremolo and, of course, 8-strings. The FU-Tone tremolo comes with a Big Brass Block for better note definition and clarity as well as heavy-duty noiseless springs and titanium string retaining blocks. Now that’s what you’d call a unique Floyd Rose setup. The neck is 5-piece maple and walnut, with a 27″ scale length and an ebony fretboard with white binding.

Caparison Mattias Eklundh Apple Horn 8 signature 8-string is insanely spec'd

Caparison Mattias Eklundh Apple Horn 8 signature 8-string is insanely spec’d

DiMarzio loaded

On the pickup side, this guitar comes with a DiMarzio PAF 8 in the neck position and a DiMarzio D Activator in the bridge, so it should sound pretty good. They are wired via a single master volume knob with a two-way “push-push” selector switch.

Overall, the Mattias “IA” Eklundh Apple Horn 8 signature model looks pretty stunning. But it’s so specifically tuned to Mattias Eklundh’s taste that there will be very few players out there who find it genuinely appealing. But if you’re one of them, you don’t have long to wait; it’s slated for release in October this year. Pre-orders are open now.

RRP – GBP 5169 / USD 5599

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