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Cakewalk SONAR 2016.04 Update  ·  Source:

April’s rolling update for SONAR, the DAW by Cakewalk, delivers three new plugins as well as continued bug fixes. There are two new linear-phase masting plugins and an update to their TH2 guitar amplifier simulator. That’s great news for SONAR users, while the rest of us will wish these plugins will be released as separate products.

There are of course some bug fixes included in the update, which you can read about here. Considering there are 12 in a single month’s update, shows a high level of continued support from Cakewalk. More exciting than that however, are of course these new plugins. There are two new linear-phase mastering plugins, an EQ that supports up to 20 bands and a 6-band, multi-band compressor. Check out the videos below, but I think these look like excellent user interfaces which could be compared to the successful Fab Filter products. I’m keen to hear these plugins as I imagine they sound great from Cakewalk, but also interested to see how they perform regarding latency and CPU power, due to them being ‘linear phase’ processors.

There’s also an update to the TH2 guitar amp simulator plugin by Overloud. The guys at Overloud seem to have some excellent technology that I’m noticing pop up everywhere. In this new version, there’s a high number of cabs, heads and effects added, based on a new DSP engine for extra ‘feel and response’. These now include a couple of bass rigs too. Overloud have retained the same sounds as found in TH2 for backwards compatibility.

Not being a SONAR owner, I haven’t tried these new plugins but I hope I do soon as they look great. Each of these new plugins look excellent, and it would be great to see them released as separate products for use in other DAW’s. Being a Cakewalk product, we can assume the quality is likely to be excellent.

More Information:

Here’s a YouTube video from Cakewalk’s channel about the new LP EQ Plugin:

Here’s a YouTube video from Cakewalk’s channel about the new LP MB Plugin:

Here’s a YouTube video from Cakewalk’s channel about the new TH3 Amp Simulator Plugin:

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