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Boss OC-5 Octave pedal

Boss OC-5 Octave pedal  ·  Source: Boss

The new OC-5 octave pedal from Boss includes a Vintage mode, which offers the monophonic tones of the OC-2, but with improved tracking, as well as an improved smart Poly mode.

Boss OC-5

Everyone loves a new Boss compact pedal, and the iconic series of effects has certainly had some legendary releases over the years. The new Boss OC-5 octave pedal series brings an enhanced vintage set of effects, along with an upgraded modern-day polyphonic mode.

The pedal has controls for Direct Level, +1 Oct Level, -1 Oct Level, and -2 oct/Range, plus the Vintage and Poly switch. The layout is nice and clean, with no fuss.

Boss OC-5 octave pedal front

Boss OC-5 octave pedal

Vintage & Modern

The original Boss OC-2 was monophonic and has a particular sound that guitarists love. Its only drawback was that it didn’t track too well, and the Vintage mode of the OC-5 tackles that issue straight on. So you can now get that tone, but without the old tracking issues that gave everyone a headache.

Boss OC-5

Boss OC-5 with simple clean user control layout

The new smart Poly mode has been upgraded to be more accurate than before, and is designed to sound as natural as possible when playing full octave chords. The OC-5’s Range control allows you to choose which notes you want the pedal to process, and which ones to ignore. This means you won’t get fuzzy mush where you don’t want it. It can also be used to affect the strings you want, for example your low E and A. You can also isolate the lowest note in your chord, then put it an octave down, which is great for lots of applications, and will definitely help to thicken your sound.

You can hear the pedal in action in the official demo videos below.

RRP – USD. 129.99


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