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Blue Microphones Yeti Nano

 ·  Source: Blue Microphones

Now owned by Logitech, Blue Microphones has a new product release. The USD 99 Yeti Nano fills the price gap between the USD 49 Snowball and the higher-end Raspberry (USD 100). It’s an affordable USB microphone for first-time podcasters and recordists.

The mic is designed like a tiny replica of the original Yeti and it has switchable pickup patterns – single and omnidirectional – so you are able to pick-up reflections and tone from the room as well. The swivel stand is there, too, as well as the headphone input for monitoring yourself while recording your voice or instrument.

Unfortunately, the first reviewers testing the Yeti Nano’s sound quality aren’t raving about it. Writing for TechCrunch, Brian Heater claims the sound is thin and lacking in body and depth compared to other mics he’s used in this price class. If you have just a little more money to spend, I suggest checking out the Samson G-Track Pro or the M-Audio UBER, unless you desire extreme portability. Although I haven’t tried them personally, both mics seem like very good value for the cash and get stellar user ratings (for what that’s worth). Another great option is a used Yeti or Raspberry.

If you still fancy trying it out, you can already get the Yeti Nano in gray, with gold, red, and blue colours launching soon.

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