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Blue Cat Audio makes a ton of great audio plug-ins and has now gone one step beyond just coming up with ready-made plugs: it’s actually giving you a new way to build your own. This is something NI’s Reaktor has been doing for quite a while, though the way it works here is quite different. Plug’n Script 2 is a scripting plug-in that – it’s claimed – will let you develop and test prototype instruments or effects without leaving your DAW.


Blue Cat suggests you can use it even if you have ‘very little knowledge of programming’, though a glance at the nuts and bolts of it would seem to rather contradict this, and I’m willing to bet you have to be at least fairly familiar with coding to pick this up. Having said that, plenty of people have some experience in this field and it is explicitly aimed mostly at developers and companies rather than newbies. For the more advanced among you, it uses the AngelScript engine and JIT compiler along with support for native compiled code and binary scripts built from C or C++. You can also use pre-existing scripts in any combination you like to develop your own unique instruments and effects. It’s compatible with all major plug-in formats too which means no fiddling about with different versions.

New in version 2 are: external side chain and aux output support with up to 16 outputs, a custom user interface builder, a bunch of new DSP scripts, 21 custom skins and better MIDI program change support. As a concept it might be alien to you if you’re more of a ‘pick up a guitar’ kind of a person but for those who enjoy exploring the experimental side of audio software design it’s an intriguing prospect. After all, somebody designs all the plug-ins you use every day.

It’s available for €79 and you can read more about it at



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