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bluecat audio plugins 2020

 ·  Source: Blue Cat Audio

Developer Blue Cat Audio announced three new plug-ins at NAMM 2020. The announcement follows a host of free updates for Blue Cat’s PatchWork, MB-7, Axiom and Late Replies plug-ins.

Blue Cat Audio at NAMM 2020

AcouFiend is an acoustic feedback simulator for guitar and othe instruments. It’s able to simulate natural feedback or create unusual resonances and harmonies with its more esoteric controls and transpositions of feedback signal. Think of virtual bow, sustainer effects or feedback roar. You can adjust the feedback’s rise and fall time, pitch and amplitude change sensitivity, choose the generated harmonics and so on.

Re-Head simulates the acoustic response of your head for more natural-sounding headphone monitoring. It adds the missing piece between the sound sources and the brain, so to say, turning your headphones into virtual speakers. You can adjust the position of the sound source, the angle between the virtual speakers, and brightness; use a built-in EQ and an impulse response loader to compensate actual headphones; flip left and right channels, and so on. It’s not a creative effect, but it does creative listening, in a way. Delightful psychoacoustic f***ery!

Hot Tuna is a precision chromatic tuner which dims or mutes your signal when it’s active. You can adjust the amount of dimming and choose the reference frequency, starting at 430Hz and moving up to 450Hz. Useful for experimenting with tunings, careful not to break a string!

Prices are not announced yet, but you can download a demo for each plug-in from the Blue Cat website.

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