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Blue Cat Audio Blue Cat's Connector

Blue Cat Audio Blue Cat's Connector  ·  Source: Blue Cat Audio


Blue Cat’s Connector by Blue Cat Audio is a new plug-in that lets you route audio and MIDI between applications, between several computers and even within the same application, all with minimal latency. This could be a huge problem solver!


Blue Cat Audio Blue Cat’s Connector

Blue Cat Audio has released Blue Cat’s Connector. The new plug-in is a universal virtual cable for audio and MIDI data. You can use it for things like sending an audio stream from any point in your DAW to another application, solving various routing problems in your DAW and even setting up connections between computers on the same network.

Unlike other virtual audio drivers like GroundControl, which must be selected as your DAW’s audio output device, Blue Cat’s Connector is a plug-in that can be inserted at any point in your DAW’s mixer. You can then specify where the data should be sent, or where it should be received from. This can be another instance of Blue Cat’s Connector in the same DAW, in another application or on another computer on the same network.

According to Blue Cat Audio, you have total control over the streaming, which ensures the lowest possible latencies. When used within the same app, Connector supports latencies as low as 0 samples. It also offers resampling and drift compensation algorithms, so you don’t have to worry about sampling rates and any potential synchronization issues.

Versatile routing options

The list of potential applications where this can be useful is long. For example, let’s say you’d like to record a Logic Pro instrument in Studio One, or vice versa. You can use Blue Cat’s Connector to set up a real time audio and MIDI connection between the two DAWs. Likewise, you could set up send/return effect loops to other DAWs on the same or another computer. Or you can use the plug-in’s thru level and receive level knobs to blend the received signal into the channel strip. For example, placing two instances of the plug-in before and after a compressor lets you blend the dry and wet signals if the compressor doesn’t offer this control. And if you’re using multiple machines, the plug-in can serve as a universal virtual network cable that can be “plugged in” at any point in your DAW, letting you send audio and MIDI back and forth as needed.

With this level of versatility, Blue Cat’s Connector looks like a must-have solution for any virtual audio and MIDI connections in your system. There’s bound to be a time when you need it, so it’s probably worth it to grab it at the low intro price.

Price and compatibility

Blue Cat’s Connector is now available for USD/EUR 39, which is 20% off the regular price. This offer is good through February 20, 2022.

The plug-in requires macOS 10.9 or higher (M1 supported) or Windows Vista or higher. It’s available in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats.


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Blue Cat Audio Blue Cat's Connector

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3 responses to “Blue Cat’s Connector: Send audio and MIDI anywhere, anytime”

    Aistin says:

    been doing this for year with Reaper restream plugin which is free

      Joseph says:

      Reaper just rocks, in general!

      I use it for lots of stuff: Recording voiceovers, pretending I’m a DJ by creating electronic music (hehe,) and recording live instruments (even mixing them up)

      It’s the most versatile DAW out there. It’s free, and only $60 after the trial period. Plus, the community is the best. I mean it; the community is more helpful and just all-around NICER than any other DAW/Looper program.

      There are SO MANY free VST Instruments and plugins, once you’ve got them, you’d be hard-pressed to ‘need’ expensive, paid versions. And Reaper comes with a LOT of plugins. There aren’t any costly “expansion packs” or sound libraries, like Ableton and Cubase and others use to get you to pay $500+ for a DAW.

      Shout out to Kenny Gioia, the best audio YouTuber out there!

    Dru says:

    I need that

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