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Black Lion Audio Bluey Front, Back

Black Lion Audio Bluey Front, Back  ·  Source: Black Lion Audio

Black Lion Audio Eighteen - Front, Back

Black Lion Audio Eighteen - Front, Back  ·  Source: Black Lion Audio


European manufacturer Black Lion Audio has introduced some good ol’ hardware that’s sure to interest anyone who prefers to twist physical knobs instead of clicking around in a plug-in. Bluey is a remake of Chris Lord-Alge’s “golden” blue-strip 1176 compressor, and Eighteen is a vintage-style channel strip with mic pre and equalizer. Let’s dive in.


Bluey – Chris Lord-Alge’s famed 1176

The Bluey FET compressor recreates a modified “Blue Stripe” compressor based on the “golden” 1176 owned by Chris Lord-Alge. Throughout years of use, certain components became unavailable and techs doing repairs were forced to change the circuit and introduce new parts, thus creating the one-of-a-kind compressor you’ve heard on much of the producer’s work.


  • Fully discrete design
  • Polyester capacitors
  • Vintage inspired one-sided PCB layout
  • Cinemag transformer, replica of the original UTC transformer
  • Wet/Dry mix feature
  • Linear power supply
  • Precise meter calibration

Black Lion Audio Eighteen

Black Lion Audio Eighteen - Front, Back

Black Lion Audio Eighteen – Front, Back

Eighteen is the legal age for alcohol consumption in most of Europe. It’s also a vintage-style channel strip with a Cinemag transformer and a pair of BLA1831d iscrete op-amps. It includes a mic preamp and passive program EQ with custom Cinemag inductor, adjustable input und output level, stepped controls for the low/high frequency, variable controls for boost und attenuation, and a smooth-sounding character.


  • Vintage style mono channelstrip with preamp and EQ
  • 5-step switchable low freq boost 20Hz, 30Hz, 60Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz
  • 5-step switchable high freq boost 4kHz, 6kHz, 8kHz, 10kHz, 16kHz
  • 5-step switchable high freq attenuation 5kHz, 8kHz, 10kHz, 15kHz, 20kHz
  • Variable bandwith control
  • Output VU meter
  • High- und Low Pass Filter
  • 48V phantom power
  • Polarity switch
  • Voltage: 115VAC, 230VAC rear panel switchable
  • AC Mains Input: IEC320-C14 standard plug

Price and availability

The units are available now, priced EUR 1.095,00 for Eighteen and GBP 835/EUR 1.023,00 for Bluey. More information is available at the manufacturer’s website. You can order here from Thomann: *


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