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Behringer updated SWING

Behringer updated SWING  ·  Source: Behringer


Behringer Swing is now available at online stores, including our affiliate partner, Thomann. And you can get it at a deal price for a short time!


Deal update

[Update] Behringer Swing is now available via online stores such as our affiliate partner Thomann, retailing at € 65. But only for a short time!

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Behringer Swing
Behringer Swing
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Behringer caused a bit of consternation in the industry when they announced the SWING MIDI controller. Now, MIDI controllers are all very similar these days but this appeared to be an almost identical copy of the popular Arturia KeyStep. While no one really minds companies reproducing vintage gear or synths that don’t exist anymore there’s something about the cloning of a current product from a competitor that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Behringer hadn’t even tried to hide the similarities and regardless of the realities of who copies what from where it just seemed a bit wrong to many people.

The original SWING design alongside the KeyStep
The original SWING design alongside the KeyStep · Source: Behringer,Arturia

At the time Behringer defended themselves against criticism and stuck to their guns citing similar products, competition, and how this is simply the way of things. So it’s interesting to note that now SWING is shipping they’ve taken the time to make a couple of changes to the layout. While the changes won’t fool anyone into thinking the two keyboards are unrelated it is at least an indication that Behringer has acknowledged that it doesn’t have to be exactly the same and perhaps there is value in uniqueness.

So, what’s changed? Well, what they’ve done is swap the knobs and transport controls around. They’ve also changed the knobs and swapped a switch for a pair of buttons.

Behringer updated SWING
Behringer updated SWING · Source: Behringer

A new controller named SWING

It’s a small change but one that suggests that when they say “We hear you” they are starting to listen to their critics as well as their fan base. I’m just trying to say it’s a positive move!

They have said that SWING is specially designed for its forthcoming DAW and has extra features specific to that combination but we’ve not seen any indication of what they are so far. Otherwise, the specs remain the same as the Arturia KeyStep, while the price is about 35% lower.

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Behringer updated SWING

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18 responses to “Deal: Behringer SWING controller now priced at €65!”

    HorseLips says:

    NOPE. I’ll pay the few bucks more to support Arturia. Big Fail by UliB on this on. Go back to re-imagining or cloning synths of times lost and not copying something that is current.

    Such a weird company.

    bleep bloop says:

    Seriously, just spend the extra $4 and get a better controller from a company that isn’t absolute dogshit.

    KC says:

    What is (and continues to be) more annoying about this from a personal point of view is I’m still waiting on months old pre-orders of the barp 2600 and system-100 modules. In the meantime, they’re still messing around with this sh*te. Am close to cancelling. They’ve got to the end of June then I’m off.

    Matt Gallagher says:

    The ratchet function that is labelled on the new front panel seems distinctive and interesting…

    I like a good argument says:

    Well I’m gonna play devil’s advocate and stick up for Behringer. Arturia has the edge on this one I think, but it’ll still sell well. With regard to the above comments, what you save in money on Behringer’s supercool clones, you pay in time waiting for the bloody stuff to ship. I think we can all agree that this world is never going to be perfect.

    Hugh Kremer says:

    Behringer makes excellent, affordable synths. I can go on ebay and get a used model d for about $5k, or a Behringer model d for $250. (I did the latter). The Deepmind 12 is fantastic. Paid $500 for mine (before COVID).

    However, when they do creepy stuff like this it merely validates the Behringer detractors. Go ahead and do clones of obsolete gear. And get creative with stuff like the Deepmind. But don’t copy some small company’s popular product that still sells well. It makes Behringer, and its customers, look bad.

    Mehdi says:

    I would love a better BCR32 from Arturia, possibly released before Behringer’s own BCR32 (which is still vaporware at this moment) , THAT would be fun 🙂
    I would probably end up getting both anyway…. :-/

    elmo says:

    I’d rather buy the Swing than support those racists from Arturia charging extra for black Keystep.

    Hubert says:

    Exactly how google copied the iPhone. When you look at the “before iPhone” pictures of the in-house google phone concepts, and the “after iPhone,” photos, it’s like this. They moved a few things around, but basically copied it note for note. Then sold it all over the world.

    blah says:

    What I don’t get is why people keep buying this 2 and a half octaves thing.
    Behringer could have innovated by doing the 49 and 61 keys version

    Diki Ross says:

    ‘We hear you’… So I guess Behringer finally listened to their own lawyers?!

    grrrz says:

    Doesn’t seem to have the pattern mode in the arp which is my favorite feature of the ks37

    Jason Burns says:

    Fun Behringer fact. I know a guy that used to work in the technical writing team on documentation. He worked remote from Seattle and often wrote manuals via email with engineers because Behringer wouldn’t even send the device to the guy paid to write the manual. lolz

    John says:

    If Behringer ripping off someone else’s product and moving a button is “a positive move” I guess it’s time to find a new gear news site.

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