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Behringer Solina String Ensemble

Behringer Solina String Ensemble  ·  Source: Behringer


Through the magic of 3D printing Behringer has put together the first hardware prototype of their forthcoming Solina String Ensemble.



It was about a year ago that Uli asked if we fancied a clone of the ARP or Solina String Ensemble. It doesn’t particularly float my boat but enough people sailed into the idea to bring it to reality. Now the 3D renders have turned into 3D printed hardware as a proper hardware prototype.

Behringer says that it’s on the way to Germany for firmware development after which it should start making some sound.

It’s been made into a desktop unit following the form factor of the Model D, Pro-1 and other synths which I’m sure is both pleasing and disappointing to equal sections of the Behringer synth community.

No news on availability as this is still very much in development.

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