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Behringer BBG

Behringer BBG  ·  Source: Behringer


We saw the insides of a mystery monster synth back in April, now Behringer reveals that it’s a PPG Wave clone called the BBG and it’s got a prototype.


Behringer BBG Wave

We guessed back in April that it was likely to be the PPG Wave that they were working on. The internal design hit a lot of Wave markers. Behringer has now confirmed this and posted an image of what we can probably assume is a fully working prototype. Although all we’re getting is a single closely cropped photo – no sounds, no demo, no video. Tantalising isn’t it?

The layout perfectly matches the PPG Wave 2.3 albeit without the huge bulk at the back. This is a compact clone with the panel taking up less space than the keyboard. Gives it a slightly unbalanced look in my view. They’ve also shaved off an octave somehow.


Lots of questions remain like is it the 8-voice bi-timbral 8 bit 2.2 version or the multitimbral 8-voice 8-part 12 bit 2.3? No other information was forthcoming.

It’s visually a classic but I think that wavetable-based synthesizers have probably improved a lot since the PPG was released 30 years ago. Consider the Hydrasynth and Argon8 as examples of wavetable evolution. The PPG was instrumental in bringing digital wavetable oscillators into being but a lot has happened since then.

Anyway, more information when we get it.

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Behringer BBG

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