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Behringer LmDrum

Behringer LmDrum  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer LmDrum

Behringer LmDrum  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer LmDrum

Behringer LmDrum  ·  Source: Behringer


Behringer shows the first photos of their forthcoming LinnDrum drum machine clone. They are calling it LmDrum and it looks like it has quite a few extras.



Behringer says that their first sampling drum machine is shaping up nicely. It’s passed all the audio tests and much of user interface development is complete. It’s a prototype and still a fair while off yet so don’t get too excited.

There’s not a whole lot of information available yet but this is based (obviously) on the Linn Electronics LinnDrum designed by Roger Linn in 1982. The sound engine was sample-based using 8-bit samples up to 35kHz and you can hear it on all sorts of records from the 1980s such as Take on my by A-Ha and Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. It had a total of 15 sounds and could handle 12 notes polyphony. Each sound had a level fader and, unusually, a vertical slider for pan, and tuning was available on the snare, tom and conga.

Behringer LmDrum

Behringer LmDrum

Checking out the differences on the front panel Behringer has opted for the same style of buttons as on the RD-8 and RD-9 and extended that to the pads that trigger the sounds. They’ve done away with the cassette load/save section (where’s the authenticity!) and added an internal Bank and Preset system. Also from the RD-8/9 comes the Wave Designer and Analog Filter. They’ve kept the tuning, pan and level controls in keeping with the original.

The big new feature is the display in the middle which is showing a loaded sample and will presumably offer a certain amount of sample editing. Behringer calls it a “sampling drum machine” and there is an audio input on the back. The back also appears to have outputs for everything. According to the writing on the panel, it handles both 8-bit and 12-bit samples.

Behringer LmDrum

Behringer LmDrum

While there are plenty of modern sample-based drum machines out there I’m not aware of anyone else ever putting forward a LinnDrum clone. Maybe the sounds had their time but then Behringer is betting on the ability to sample to give this machine more than just a nostalgic vibe.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

More information from Behringer


29 responses to “Behringer reveals LmDrum a LinnDrum clone with added display”

  1. Jesus Christ says:

    Dear God.

    This company gets more trash by the day.

    • iixorb says:

      Got £5k for an original?
      I certainly don’t!! – my wife would kill me 😉

      However at around £500 ( my guess ), bring it on !!!

    • Chris says:

      just curious, are you offended by all the Harley Benton classic guitar rip offs? or are you just mad that this company is producing clones of 40 year defunct drum machines?

    • Chris O'Brien says:

      why is it trash? Is harley Benton trash? Are the many companies that make gibson and strat inspired models trash. Or only because they have reproduced a 40 year defunct drum machine that there’s interest in?

      • Jesus Christ says:

        This is not a clone.

        And it is trash because in 2021 the functionality for this machine is extremely limited and they’ve managed to get a bunch of morons hyped by making this thing look like a Roger Linn machine.

      • gabemiller is a idiot says:

        I agree ,those snob beleive only in brands;some harley benton are way better than some 1000 euro gibson!

  2. Roger says:

    Now we are talking..

  3. Patrick says:

    Guess the spelling checker wasn’t working: what’s Precussion?

  4. SCOTT C THUNES says:

    Typo in title of song “Take on my”

  5. SenorBob says:

    Linn clone with modern sequencing features would be great. Gonna need a Jaspers rack soon for all these toys dammit.

  6. Sebastian Röhrich says:

    the thing displayed looks like a Digitakt or other Elektron Device Screen as there are even 4 Parameters on Top and on Bottom shown like on Digitakt which there corrospond to the 8 Potis….WTF

  7. patrick gateman says:

    The screen look so digitakt.

  8. Murat says:

    Modern, and retro Linn. Prefer to have this then a plugin

  9. Niels Willemse says:

    Would be great if they added the Sequential Drumtracks and MXR 185 sounds to it, or other natural (real) drum sounds to it.

  10. Jon Peroxide says:

    Looking forward to this. Would be cool to add a flanger effect in the box so that you can find your inner-prince on the sidestick.

  11. thomas yazvac says:

    Would love to have this.More choices the better.

  12. Kyle says:

    I know sample developers have sampled the Linn time and time again, but since the Linn was sample-based, how can someone put out a copy using those exact sounds without copyright issues? Unless perhaps the samples are licensed?

  13. Dave says:

    Why not SP-1200? It may coming soon…

  14. Age of AD says:

    It would be cooler if they ripped off the Tempest!

  15. Jair Kerker says:

    I like original vintage gear.
    This has the appeal of vintage gear because of options like a dedicated out for every instrument. I like this over paying €5000 for a real one or a plug in.
    People who are sour over Behringer’s marketing technique should probably complain about the inability of original brands not being able to grasp what musicians want, and I sure as hell want this device.

    • Jesus Christ says:

      “People who are sour over Behringer’s marketing technique should probably complain about the inability of original brands not being able to grasp what musicians want”

      This sounds more like your inability to understand that original brands are often trying to do something…. wait for it…. original. This is the best time for sampling hardware there has ever been, so most real musicians are actually trying to explore the new technology, not buy some shitty rehash to ape sounds from 20 years ago.

  16. JAH says:

    Jesus, this is the last time I am that I am leave You with my pentium alone. if U want the original go back to work wit Joseph and stop complainin. InI will get Iself the behrLinn. Remember children I am Ur imagination. so imagine rightously!

  17. Horses for courses says:

    If it’s what people want, it’ll sell. If it isn’t, it won’t. I don’t need much of Behringer’s clone output, though I have some such as the DM and the Arp, I’m still glad these excellent clones are being made for the people who do really want them. One additional thing, I’ve completed more tunes using only hardware in recent years than with using a stack of VSTs. Hardware’s limitations are often a plus point rather than a negative one, and I can see perfectly why people want a 606 clone, for example.

  18. MindThreat says:

    Beats paying $7k for an original and it’s exactly what I’m looking for!

    • Jesus Christ says:

      If this is “exactly” what you’re looking for when there is a universe of better options out there I can only assume your music is equally uncreative.

  19. Fred F says:

    I miss the industrial buttons from the original Linn drum machines. These quirky shiny rubber buttons already feel dated (in the wrong way). They should have invested more in the raw retro look. Recreated the old buttons.

  20. Real Musician says:

    I prefer Behringer gear to the vintage authentic stuff now. Just works better without the breakdowns. I love cheap gear, I live from my music and can’t afford the expensive stuff for rich hobby music collectors.

  21. Benny says:

    I need this. I hope this is the final design.

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