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Behringer BMX Top

Behringer BMX Top  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer BMX Rear

Behringer BMX Rear  ·  Source: Behringer


Whilst we wait for their LinnDrum-based drum machine, the Behringer marketing team have revealed the Behringer BMX, a rhythm box based on the Oberheim DMX.


BMX Bandits

Fans of Pet Shop Boys and New Order, amongst many others, will know the classic sound of the Oberheim DMX. It sits at the top table of classic 80s drum machines with the likes of the LM-1, LinnDrum, TR-808 and TR-909. The original DMX formed part of the Oberheim System and became a much sought after drum sound. It still garners quite a following to this day, myself included.

Behringer BMX Rear

Behringer BMX Rear · Source: Behringer

BMX Spex

And in typical Behringer style, just before the weekend, their marketing team has snuck out a couple of images of this new prototype. As usual, there is very little information and no sign of a price.

Unlike the DMX that inspired this, the Behringer BMX also allows for sampling and sports analog filters, according to the blurb…

Today, we fired up the first version of our BMX prototype, an Hommage [sic] to the legendary Oberheim DMX. Aside from the original sound samples, the BMX has also a built-in sampler, analog filters and much more. This is one cool sampling drum machine.


A glance at the top panel reveals those familiar Oberheim pinstripes and a layout not too dissimilar to the LmDrum that Behringer teased some time back. Whatever happened to that? They seem to have retained the originals button and fader layout, adding a filter section, some added editing controls and a larger screen, presumably an LED/OLED design.

On the rear, there’s the usual suspects that include USB, MIDI, Trigger and sync connections. There’s the obligatory individual outs as well as a summed main out and a sampling input. They’ve also retained the wood end cheeks.

Behringer BMX Top

Behringer BMX Top · Source: Behringer

What, No Nicole Kidman?

As with all of these Behringer teases, we have absolutely no idea on a time scale to production, nor a price or detailed feature set. But then we’re all used to that now, aren’t we? These classic drum machine replicas aren’t just about having those classic sounds. It is also about how the original handled those primitive samples. Can Behringer deliver the goods? Watch this space, or at least watch Behringer’s socials for more info.




Behringer BMX Top

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7 responses to “Behringer BMX: New Obie DMX-Inspired Prototype”

    Kelvin Celsius says:

    This Drummy will be absolute hot hot hot

    fastlanestranger says:

    BMX otherwise known as Xtreme BM

    Bob says:

    Bring it.

    Darth Nogger says:

    If they bring this out, I can see it possibly being an even bigger hit than the RD-8 and RD-9.

      Manometer says:

      This might be, because people always want to have that what they do not have. And btw the techno wave is obsolet in the meantime!

    Klaas van Drunen says:

    Looks it can load different samples on the pads. Nice!

    Gabriel D says:

    Ah! I have read wrong… I thought that Behringer made a decent DMX controller. But that’s seems to be an exceptional drum machine.

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