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Behringer Plug-ins

Behringer UB-Xa Plug-in  ·  Source: Behringer


Behringer says that it’s upcoming free DAW software will include a range of VST plug-ins, including software synthesizers. Accompanied by a picture of a UB-Xa plug-in in the making, the company announced both free and paid plug-ins, which will be available once the DAW is ready. Apparently they’re also working on plug-in versions of the Pro-16 and PPG Wave.


Behringer plug-ins

Following a string of hardware synthesizer announcements, it seems that Behringer has also quietly been working on its free DAW project, including a range of VST plug-ins. The company shared a picture of a software version of the UB-Xa in the making, saying that this and other plug-ins will be included with the DAW when it’s released.

Some of the new plug-ins will be free, whereas others will be available for a “small amount”, Behringer says. So we don’t know yet if the UB-Xa, Pro-16 and Wave software synths will be free. But the prospect of a bunch of inexpensive or even free software synths is exciting, to say the least.

According to Behringer, the new plug-ins are being programmed by renowned VST developers working closely with the team at TC Electronic. In addition to its guitar effects, the Behringer-owned Danish company is known for its Icon Series plug-ins, as well as the Finalizer mastering software. So they know a thing or two about DSP development.


At this time, we don’t know which synthesizers Behringer plans to release as software (besides the pictured UB-Xa, Pro-16 and Wave). Will all of Behringer’s hardware synths eventually be available as plug-ins? Will they be compatible with their hardware counterparts (at least the digitally-controlled models)? Which plug-in formats will they be available in? That’s anyone’s guess. All we know right now is that there’ll be a range of free or inexpensive synth plug-ins. And they’ll come with a free DAW, which sounds like a pretty good deal.

Release date? Who knows…

While Behringer has repeatedly pointed at the ongoing chip crisis to explain why many of the announced hardware synths aren’t shipping yet, this obviously doesn’t apply to the DAW project. That said, the company has yet to state a definite release date. As soon as they do, you’ll find out here on Gearnews.

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Image Sources:
  • Pro-16 Plug-in: Behringer
  • Wave Plug-in: Behringer
Behringer Plug-ins

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16 responses to “Behringer announces free plug-ins for its free DAW”

    dbms says:

    Compared to the other companies, Behringer’s announcement is way ahead of its actual release, and I do not consider their announcements as new product news. This one may be available in 2025 or later.

      Ab. says:

      Yeah… if news site could do a behringer digest once a month that’d be swell.

      I’m getting tired of seeing them all over the place. Flooding seems to be their marketing strategy

    matilda says:

    Any chance you guys could set up a site and just pipe all this crap over to that? It seems you either love or hate behringer, so why not give them and their cheapskate fanboys a separate site, and we can all go back to peacefully ignoring they exist?

    Nine says:

    Your comments have been brought to the attention of the Behringer legal team.

      Maurício de Souza Amaro says:

      I must review my comments, because I fear I have commited an error switching the word ‘complaint’ for ‘claim’, maybe due to the corrector. Thanks.

    Maurício de Souza Amaro says:

    Some people complain about free gifts.
    Otherwise, I only think of giving lots of thanks…

      DC says:

      If you’re not the customer you’re the product. This will likely be a consumer data gathering project, or an attempt to lock users into a marketplace ecosystem. Corporations don’t do charity; there is no such thing as a free lunch.

    Neil says:

    Can any internet forensic experts work out which DAW platform this is based off, from the screenshots?

      nron says:

      The screenshots of virtual instruments have a very Arturia look to them. It would make sense for Behringer to OEM them.

      On the Behringer DAW front, I have yet to see a screenshot.

    Jeff says:

    Behringer haters are just pissed off because now everyone has access to the sounds of their $3k synths.

    Pete says:

    Is this Windows only or perhaps Linux as well?

    Uli, VST clone the Access Virus... says:

    Moan, moan, moan. A free DAW and free synths, and you’re still moaning. Got 10 million for you, it’s yours, take it! ‘Grumble, grumble, moan, moan, wanted 20 million, grumble, moan……..’ 😁

    Schub says:

    Linux or chained to Apple/M$

    George warren says:

    I love the Behringer product line. I had the x32 and loved it and now have the xr18 and use it every other weekend in clubs to run sound for a rock band. I’m very happy and so is the band.

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