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 ·  Source: Bart UK

UK manufacturer Bart announced an affordable new preamp in 500 Series rack format. The MP2570 is a dual channel mic pre with discrete circuitry and some very nice specs for the money.

Self-noise is rated at a quiet -128dB and maximum gain reaches up to 65dB. These are great metrics, but what makes this preamp truly attractive for 500 Series rack owners is its ability to power and record two microphones while fitting in a single rack slot. Normally, you’d have to purchase two mic preamps that take up two rack slots, which gets spendy.

Additionally, each MP2570 channel boasts a saturation circuit made with vintage silicon and germanium transistors that add musically pleasant harmonic distortion. Overdriving the input squeezes out additional harmonics. The opamps used in the circuitry are sourced from Texas Instruments, which is a reputable manufacturer.

The front panel layout is exceedingly simple. Each channel has a Gain knob, 48V power and FX switches, two phase invert switches, and a pair of outputs. The mic inputs are on the back of the unit.

Price & availability

The MP2570 is available in DIY kit and fully assembled variants at the very good introductory price of USD 219. Regular pricing is USD 300, which is still more than reasonable for a discrete preamp made with quality components. Overall, this could turn out to be a great bit of money-saving kit for 500 series rack owners.

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