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In a smaller home or project studio you often find yourself with one too many bits of gear to listen to at once. Mixers tend to be overkill and take up a whole load of desk space and so some kind of line mixer or monitoring station could be just the ticket. ART think they might have the solution with their new Studio Control Centre, or SCC.


At a basic level the SCC offers three stereo inputs and three stereo outputs which can be easily selected or blended from the front panel. It has a cue input designed to run a headphone section in parallel to the main mix and you can switch the headphone output on the front between cue mix and main mix. One stereo input will most likely take the output from your DAW via your audio interface leaving you two other stereo inputs for external keyboards, groove boxes or any of those others bits of external gear we musicians seem to accumulate. The outputs give you the opportunity to connect up a couple of different monitors so that you can listen to your mixes through different systems – saves a lot of cable swapping.

A couple of other handy buttons are the master mute for killing everything and the mono button that lets you test for phase problems on a mono mix of all sources. Lastly, a large friendly knob on the front controls the overall volume.


It’s a neat solution for people who need to mix together a couple of bits of gear but feel a mixer console is just a step too far.

The ART SCC is available now for GBP £119 inc VAT.

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