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Henry Juszkiewicz Gibson

Bye, bye Henry?  ·  Source: Gibson


It looks as though Gibson is actively looking for a new CEO as the job role is now being advertised publically!


Bye bye Henry

The position for company CEO has just been posted on the internet here and so we have to assume that Henry Juszkiewicz is out of a job. The site ExecThread lists the role as needing prior experience in major consumer products and that you’ll be working for a recognised brand.

It doesn’t list when the position will be available from or what your starting salary will be, but I’m sure you can negotiate that part.

Gibson CEO job?

Gibson CEO job?

Chapter 11

Official bankruptcy documents released after the Chapter 11 ruling by the US courts also confirm that Henry is currently only on a one-year consultancy contract for Gibson, so it looks like they are now officially looking to replace him at last.

Any takers? I’m sure if you have the experience required and love Gibson guitars, then this could be the job for you!

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4 responses to “Are Gibson advertising for new CEO – Bye bye Henry ?”

  1. Don says:

    To be fair to Henry, if you read the musicradar interview, he is retiring. He has been with Gibson many years.

    • To be fair to everyone else, Henry saying he’s “retiring” is more than a bit disingenuous as he (and his partner) basically lost the company to the bondholders (both he and his partner had to turn over all equity in Gibson) as a condition for the Chapter 11 as the bondholders were willing to take Gibson to foreclosure over what they were owed. The sweetheart deal “consultant” agreements and keeping them on for a period for “transition” for Henry and his partner are just a way to buy off Henry and his buddy to get them out of the way and so they wouldn’t contest the bankruptcy. Essentially, as Henry and his partner were the majority owners of Gibson, they were forced out.

  2. Name says:

    Good riddance

  3. The terms of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization basically said that Henry was going to leave and was just there for the time being to help with the transition and afterwards would just be a paid “consultant” for a period (basically a “golden parachute” to get Henry on board with the bankruptcy) so this was a given.

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