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Mac Pro 2018 design release date rumors

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For demanding musicians seeking a maxed-out Mac rig with ultimate performance capabilities, the Mac Pro and iMac Pro are go-to choices. While the iMac Pro, released December 2017, is recent enough to be left alone for a few years ahead, the innovative Mac Pro from 2013 hasn’t been updated since its launch, and professionals are complaining about limited upgrade options. Hardware ages fast and the once most-powerful Mac money could buy has been eclipsed by other computers — like custom-built Hackintoshes.


As usual, Apple is aware of the situation. It released the iMac Pro as a stop-gap solution for professionals seeking up-to-date hardware, and in the meantime, it has gone back to the drawing board to “completely rethink” the Mac Pro while working on a new Pro display, too.

An All-New Modular System

In Apple marketing VP Phil Schiller’s words, the next Mac Pro will be engineered as to be easily maintained up-to-date, thanks to a completely new modular design. This means a 180-degree departure from the attractive, but controversial design of the 2013 Mac Pro — which literally offered no room for substantial GPU and storage upgrades. The computer is also being envisioned as the “highest-end, highest-throughput” desktop system in the Apple line-up.

Apple Mac Pro 2018 Release Date

The new Mac Pro has already been worked on for some time and could be showcased in June at Apple’s WWDC event. We might see a preview of this all-new modular system at the conference, but a release likely isn’t in the cards until late 2018 or even early 2019. Apple reportedly started development sometime in March 2017, and the company usually takes longer than a year to introduce major design and hardware changes to its flagship products.

Update: The new Mac Pro is officially a 2019 product.


2 responses to “Apple Mac Pro 2018 rumours: An all-new modular Mac with easy upgrades in the offing?”

  1. Didn’t anyone get the memo? Apple stated publicly within the las week that the new Mac Pro will be a 2019 product.

  2. Byc says:

    Mac mini pro? Under $999? Don’t hold your breath. They already made Mac mini’s in the $999 price point in the past. She Apple uses “pro” in their products, be certain that the price is going to be high.

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