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Alexander Pedals Defender

Alexander Pedals Defender  ·  Source: Alexander Pedals/YouTube

The Alexander Pedals Defender is a pedal for guitar or synths that can be used to manipulate the sounds in a variety of weird and whacky ways.

Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz, Octaver, Modulation and Filter?

Yes, it would appear that the Alexander Pedals Defender ‘Stargate Drive’ can do them all, this little ’80s retro looking box of noise has four basic control knobs labelled Level, Drive (Warp), Light (Blend) and Matter (tweak).

It sounds either amazing or atrocious, depending on your outlook on weird boxes of noise and how you set it up to work. The big red button labelled Hold/Alt lets you choose what effect is engaged i.e. Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz, Octaver, Modulation or Filter, then you can tweak the parameters using the four knobs.

Alexander Stargate Drive

Alexander Pedals Defender Stargate Drive

Stargate Drive

You can access up to 16 presets via the Preset/Bypass switch and the Warp/Impulse switch allows you to warp between two sets of knob parameter settings. Just turn the pedal knobs while Warp is active to set the Warp tone, thus allowing you to mangle the sound even further. It will return to the ‘usual’ sound once tapped again.

There is also the optional remote control via MIDI and an expression pedal. Plus there is a handy USB port on which to send MIDI signals, for example, from your computer. You really have to check out the demo videos below to get an idea of what this little box of noise can achieve. I’m not convinced I’m a fan yet, but something in me thinks it’s kind of cool anyway.

Definitely one for the more experimental musician and possibly ones obsessed with coin-operated ’80s arcade machines?

RRP – USD 199.99

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