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Is this the AKAI MPC Live III?  ·  Source: AKAI Professional


Is the AKAI MPC Live III just around the corner? Just days after the announcement of MPC Stems, a banner on the AKAI Professional website has got us puzzled: The device in the picture doesn’t line up with any of the currently available MPCs. If it isn’t the MPC Live III, what could it be?


Is this the AKAI MPC Live III?

At first glance, you could mistake the MPC shown in the picture for the MPC One+ released last year. It’s just as red, that’s for sure. But if you take a closer look, you’ll notice a couple of buttons below the screen that the MPC One+ doesn’t have. So this does in fact look like an all-new MPC – possibly the MPC Live III?

Screenshot from the AKAI Professional website: is this the MPC Live III · Source: AKAI Professional

Of all standalone MPCs currently on the market, the Live II has been around the longest, so it’s definitely due for an update. And the “MENU” and – supposedly – “MAIN” buttons of the new mystery device do correspond to buttons available on the current MPC Live II, although they’ve apparently been replaced with a new type of button. If I were to take a guess, I would come to the conclusion that the new device is in fact the upcoming MPC Live III, MPC Live II+, MPC Live II SE, or whatever AKAI is going to call it.


As of now, we don’t have any information about the technical specifications and features of the new MPC. Obviously, we can expect that it will offer more RAM and internal memory than the predecessor, which will come in handy due to the new possibilities with MPC Stems. But other than that, we’re just as curious as you.

If AKAI Professional does indeed unveil a new standalone MPC – possibly the MPC Live III – at the upcoming NAMM Show, we’ll of course keep you updated!

By the way, the AKAI MPC Live II is currently on sale at Thomann. Another clue that something new might be around the corner?

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12 responses to “Is AKAI Professional about to unveil the MPC Live III at NAMM?”

    Handsome Randy says:

    Whats the different between the MPC Live and the MPC Live 2?
    Not much. Little hardware this, little ram that, little processor this, little speaker that. The MPC Software is going to remin the same for a long time and the hardware will get incrementally better.

      die beastie boys says:

      It seems like Akai is ditching the typical naming convention of differentiating these slightly updated models by a different “mark” number.

      Live 2 should really be Live-mkii, if they were to stick to those types of “standards”.

    Khaliji Moore says:

    The red MPC in the photo is most likely an MPC One +. This model was recently released last year a few months ago.

      expermusic says:

      Definitely not the One+. There are no buttons under the screen on the One+. Nothing in the current MPC or Force lineup has buttons like that.

    RAMin says:

    We are waiting for the introduction of the new FORCE 😍

    SA says:

    My Live V1 is going strong and most of the money I’ve made from music jobs has been made with it. If I ever have to replace it, I’d more likely look for a controller-only. The desktop software meets my needs very well.

    charlie says:

    watch it end up just being an AI generated image or something silly like that

      die beastie boys says:

      Sure, if this was from a random twitter page.

      But it’s on AKAI’s homepage, and those sausages are looking mighty dexterous.

    Teddy says:

    Considering the Live 1 & 2 use a 10-year-old SoC (RK3288), it’s past time
    for new hardware. Chips like the RK3588 are out with NPUs for better FP calculations and fourier transform processing, and the generative/AI transition is in full swing with soft instruments and DSP. (Akai is clearly moving in that direction with the standalone stem separation feature.)

    Not to mention that the Live only has 2GB of RAM. Working with lossless samples quickly maxes that out.

    Akai can do so much more with current hardware…10 years in tech evolution is a dozen generations or more.

    Cebo Glover says:

    MPC Key261

    Courtney Brissette says:

    I last used a mpc studio. I want an mpc back so bad but I want to go up. With the one I had it was good.?trying to get better instruments as well.

    InfiniteMuzik says:

    I’m guessing it’s probably a new Mpc keyboard. MPC KEY 37 maybe

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