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Transformizer Pro

Transformizer Pro is the kind of DSP plug-in not for the faint-hearted  ·  Source: Transformizer

The world of sound design is full of intricate, complex software able to bend, shape, and twist audio into outright mayhem. One example of such software is Transformizer. Introduced back in 2015, the plug-in is now being superseded by Transformizer Pro. Presented at AES 2017, the plug-in is created by a collective with over 25 years spent doing sound design for film, TV, advertising, and music business.

Not for the weak-hearted, Transformizer Pro delivers extensive signal processing options by virtue of analysis technology that processes the pitch, amplitude, duration, and timbre of a Parent section sound, then applies these parameters to a set of Child section sounds. By creatively composing sources and tweaking parameters, Transformizer Pro comes up with the kind of strange and unique sounds impossible by natural means.

If you want to check out Transformizer in action, head to Vimeo for a video demonstration or register for a free 30-day trial license at the product website. If you are in NYC, the plug-in will be showcased at the AES convention as well.

There’s very little we know about Transformizer Pro at this moment, and the press release isn’t exactly detailed when it comes to the specifics that make this plug-in hotter than the bazillion sound design plug-ins out there. Hopefully, we’ll get to hear some more about it in the coming days, for TF Pro looks a capable, powerful tool for experienced producers.

Price and availability

Transformizer Pro is available as an AAX plug-in for Pro Tools users on Windows and Mac computers. AU and VST versions are expected later this year. The plug-in is on sale at the Avid Seller Portal, priced at an introductory $499 down from the $599 regular price.

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