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API Legacy AXS Console

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It’s not everyday that a large-format analogue desk gets announced. While everything seems to get smaller and more affordable, API have taken a different tack. Announced at AES 2016, API are releasing a new console, the Legacy AXS. With dual 200 Series and a 500 Series EQ on each channel, patchbay options and a DAW/Producer’s desk, this looks like a really flexible option for those that can afford it.


API Legacy AXS Recording and Mixing Console

Building on the success of their other Legacy consoles, API have designed their latest edition around the traditional 1.5-inch module width. Modular desks are very much the modern way to spec the right console for your studio today. This isn’t purely a modular desk, but there are options available starting with various frame sizes from 32 to 80 channels, in 16-channel ‘buckets’. Each channel features dual 200 Series slots which can be specified with any of the following; 212 Mic Pre, 225 Compressor , 235 Noise Gate, 215 Filter or a 205 Direct Input. Further down each channel there’s a 500 Series slot for the EQ, which of course API recommend their 550A and 560 Equalisers. Presumably, if you want to swap these for any other 500 series, then that should be possible.

The customisation doesn’t stop their either. The desk will come with a patchbay too, but you can also chose to have a remote patchbay if that suits your setup. API also mention an optional ‘DAW/Producer’s’ desk, details of which aren’t clear, but they’re obviously keen to allow the user to specify what they want as much as possible. Although I wouldn’t class myself as an ‘API user’, I really like the concepts on offer here. It feels like a fully featured version of their ‘The Box’ console, which also supports some 500 Series components.

While API have stuck to their fully-analogue signal path and the design is quite ‘classic’, there are some other modern features. For example, there are fully automated and motorised faders and mutes available. These appear to be managed by a central on-board screen. The centre section also supports 5.1 mixing and offers 6 stereo returns, which API intend on some being used for parallel processing.

More Information

For further information see the Legacy AXS webpage on API’s site. Not that much info is around yet as this is such a fresh release, but as they become available we should learn more. Pricing will obviously vary due to the different sizes and configurations available, but it’s certainly not going to be cheap. If you have to ask how much it will cost, you know the answer is going to be a lot!


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