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Abstract Data ADE-33 Event Boss

Abstract Data ADE-33 Event Boss  ·  Source: Abstract Data

Abstract Data has a knack for comprehensive Euroack busting multi-functional modules. The ADE-32 Octocontroller massive modulation device was one of the most interesting modules of last year. The ADE-33 Event Boss has some similar potential in but with a rhythmic and pattern creation focus.

ADE-33 Event Boss

It’s not very interesting to look at although it does have some nice blue LED action once it gets going. But the basic idea is that if you put a clock in your will get patterns out, if you put patterns in you’ll get more patterns out, if you put random signals in you’ll get variations on those signals out. It generates patterns, responds to patterns, creates variations and generally makes sequencing and gating in your Eurorack more fun.

The Event Boss has 36 algorithms for manipulating rhythms. They are:

  • Variables: Rhythmic patterns and circadian-style rhythms
  • Multiples: Clock and LFO multiplication and division by factors from 1-12
  • Probability: Pseudo-random, probability and chance-based variations
  • Logic: Classic logic-based functionality
  • Phase: Phase shifting, time-based delays and swing-style effects
  • Gates: Trigger, pulse and gate manipulation and generation

CV control is available over every parameter so you can evolve, tweak and mess with the output generation to your hearts content. It can also be used as a utility module for clock division/multiplication, phase-shifting and logic related tasks.

It might not look like much but there’s a lot of usefulness in the ADE-33. We first saw it at Synthfest last year in prototype. Check out the video below for a demo from the show. Available now for £199.

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