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Grayscale Permutation

Grayscale Permutation  ·  Source: Grayscale


Grayscale’s Permutation is based upon the Turing Machine designed by Tom Whitwell of Music Thing. But it expands on the idea and introduces some very neat features and functionality. It’s been in production for quite some time, the last demo we saw was about a year ago but preorders have opened and they hope to deliver in July.



It uses the core of the Turing Machine to generate unpredictable CV and gate patterns. These can then be locked into loops for endless enjoyment. Permutation has added outputs for each of the 16 steps. There’s also very welcome CV inputs for control over every parameter, such as the randomness of the shift register, length of sequence and range of voltage output. These were sorely missing from the original Turing Machine.

Unexpectedly there are three versions of Permutation in three different sizes – 18, 12 and 6hp. The feature set gets cut away as you get smaller. The 18hp version has everything, all 16 step outputs and all the CV control. The 12hp version has 8 outputs and loses the inverted sequence output, the Clock output, the Pause/Clock switches and Clear/Write inputs. The petite 6hp version is more like the original Turing Machine with a single output but it does have one assignable CV input to control a chose parameter.

Grayscale Permutation

Grayscale Permutation · Source: Grayscale

In addition, there’s a “Variant Expander” based upon the Turning Machine’s Voltages expander. It adds two bipolar CV outputs, with modulation inputs, that are derived from the Permutation’s gate sequence.


I love my Turing Machine, it’s one of my favourite Eurorack modules but it could certainly do with some CV inputs. For me that makes the big one the most impressive for something that does a lot more than the Turing Machine.

All the modules are available with either silver or black front panels. The 18hp will cost $295, the 12hp $245 and the 6hp $195.  The Variant Expander is $95.

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Grayscale Permutation

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