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Clank Chaos

Clank Chaos  ·  Source: Clank


Chaos is a Turing machine on steroids while being force-fed probability both globally and individually for uncontrollable controllability – it’s rather good.



Finely crafted by Clank in Italy the Chaos Eurorack module is an extremely versatile 6-channel probability machine that takes Turning to the edge of the abyss and tosses him in.

Chaos has 6 channels of individually controllable CV and Gate probability with a sophisticated looping section. It has quantization, transposition and randomisation windows. Clank suggests that beyond duties as a Turing Machine it can also be a clock source, drum machine, modulation generator, voltage recorder and much more. It can flow from a very controllable mood of mild wandering to complete chaos in the turn of a knob.

We can set steady points, enclose them into cycling loops and then make them work for us as laws. That’s exactly what our Chaos does. A continuous stream of gates and voltages is produced by a sophisticated random engine controlled by a series of parameters that can be set to define its acting behavior.

It sounds like pretty exciting stuff and the look is really clean and engaging. Interesting lights with an interesting knob and a handful of buttons.


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Individual channels can have their own probability. You can decide whether they work with the internal probability engine or switch to sampling and external voltage input. You can loop individually, quantize, slew, transpose and clock individually. If you run out of ideas you can randomise everything to take you new directions. But it’s smarter than just rolling a dice. Chaos has an Entropy factor which limits how far the new values can move from the original. This can be set per channel and can move you into moods of variations rather than something completely new.

There’s a lot of possibility within this machine and while the video will give you a glimpse of the possibilities and how beautiful the module is in operation you’ll also find the manual helpful for digging into the details. Fascinating.

Chaos is available now for €329.

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Clank Chaos

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