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Grayscale Supercell

Grayscale Supercell  ·  Source: Grayscale


Mutable Instrument’s granular synthesis module Clouds was one of Euroracks most popular and ubiquitous modules. And then it got discontinued. The coding and technology behind it are open source and so any enterprising individual or company could come up with their own versions. And several have, most notably the uClouds from Kian McEvoy. Supercell takes Clouds and pushes it into a much more accessible and expanded 34hp form factor which could bring its wondrous and often mysterious sound processing back to your rack.



As someone who had Clouds and couldn’t ever seem to get the hang of it, this expanded version is immediately intriguing. The larger layout already makes many of the parameters more obvious and intuitive. Let’s check out the developments.

Grayscale Supercell

Grayscale Supercell

The Blend parameters have been separated out into individual controls (hooray!) with their own CV inputs and attenuverters. They’ve added a gain control on the output to provide a +6 dB boost for when you’re never sure if it’s working or not because in some situations the level is so low. The input and output both have mute switches, which is genius, and they have VCA with separate VU meters. You have both a linear and exponential V/Oct input which are summed when both are used. The annoying menu system has been simplified with dedicated switches and LEDs. And a trigger button has been added for capturing individual grains.

Grayscale has also worked up some extensive modulation options for the granular parameters including direct patching of external CV, distribution of one CV to all parameters via the AUX input, or an internal smooth random CV that is normalized to any unpatched inputs when AUX is also unpatched. The attenuverters control the modulation depth in all three cases.

Otherwise, all the features of Clouds remain intact including access to the alternate modes. Parasites and Beat Repeat support will be added in a forthcoming firmware update.

Supercell is available now in black or aluminium for $465.



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Grayscale Supercell

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    Gautam says:

    Such an interesting article. I really wanted to know about Supercell Eurorack which is described in this article. I want to own this gear for my studio.

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