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Clouds is one of Mutable Instruments most popular modules. It’s a granular texture synthesizer that transforms incoming signals into clouds of amorphous textures. As with all Mutable modules, they are open source and can be readily adapted into other forms. Module designer Kian McEvoy has taken the schematic and software and shrunk it down to what he’s calling the uClouds or Micro Clouds.


Clouds is a big wide module taking up a whole 18hp. uClouds shaves off an entire 10hp making it a very space efficient 8hp. Does the change in size sacrifice functionality? Well, the knobs are certainly smaller. Part of what defines the look of Clouds is those big fat knobs. With the uClouds they are quite weeny. Although it’s quite interesting because many people say that Clouds is most fun when modulating with CV. And so you tend to set the knobs and then leave it, making the physicality of the controls less important.

The front panel design and PCB layout was done by Jason H J Lim from Instruó. Kian also works with Instruó and is a co-developer of the fabulous biofeedback CV generator Scíon.

The uClouds costs £250 which is more or less the same price as the original. In a thread on Facebook Kian mentioned how he tried to send Olivier of Mutable Instruments some form of commission on the module but he refused saying that it would be an accounting nightmare. Olivier suggested a donation to charity and so Kian is going to give away 10% of all sales.

You can order now and they can usually build and ship it within two weeks.

More information:

uClouds product page

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