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Mutated Texturizer and Macro Oscillator

Mutated Texturizer and Macro Oscillator  ·  Source: Timo Rosendal


Artist and developer Timo Rozendal has released Max4Live versions of the Mutable Instruments Clouds and Braids Eurorack modules. And they are completely free.


Open Source

Mutable Instruments’ module designer Oliver Gillet made all the firmware in their modules open source. This enables any programmer or module maker to alter, reinvent or develop the internals of these modules into other versions or instruments. This has given us some alternative firmware for the Clouds, the recently released uClouds and the virtual versions seen in VCV Rack. It’s an extraordinarily healthy and creative way to build a business and a reputation. And we all benefit from Oliver’s ethos and generosity.

Mutated Texturizer

The latest developer to have some fun with the Mutable code is Timo Rozendal. Mutated Texturizer is based on the Clouds original firmware. Another version, Mutated Texturizer Alt is based upon the Parasites firmware built by Matthias Puech. The effect is not always easy to describe. It’s a delay of sorts, incorporating granular synthesis, transformed Fourier methods and melodic pitching. As with the hardware module it really starts to come to life once you start to modulate. But this is an ideal way to start getting to grips with what Clouds is capable of if you are thinking about getting hold of it.


Mutated Macro Oscillator

Based on the now discontinued Braids module Timo has brought all of that functionality into a simple Max4Live device. It contains all the oscillator waveforms of the original but adds in 2 modulation envelopes and a filter. Oh, and it’s 8 voice polyphonic. This was originally designed for EboStudio’s Steppenwolf theatre piece.

To run these you will need to have a Mac running OS 10.9 or higher, Ableton Live 9 and Max4Live 7.2 or higher. I’ve tried running it on a PC where they load up fine but I can’t get any sound out of either. If anyone else has any luck with Windows then please let me know!

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Mutated Texturizer and Macro Oscillator

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