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DSP Synths R909

DSP Synths R909  ·  Source: DSP Synths


Getting in a little early on the 9th September “909 Day” DSP Synthesizers is launching a new range of “Plugin” synthesizers on USB sticks. Kicking it off with the R909 and the R808.


Plugin Synth

It’s a virtual synthesizer housed in a USB stick which you simply plug into your computer and use as a sound source. Load up an editor in your DAW and there’s an audio output on the USB stick itself. It feels a little weird but it’s also very simple and could be very effective. It’s a bit like the Trueno analog synth on a USB stick we saw back in December. But I think this is a much simpler sound engine but captures the same idea of having a portable synth-on-a-stick that you can use anywhere, on everything.

DSP Synths R909

DSP Synths R909


R909 uses a 30kHz sampling rate at 16bit. It is 11 voice polyphonic and uses Virtual Analog Technology to recreate the 909 drum machine. All it lacks is the knobs and buttons. Rather than designed their own editor DSP Synths has designed the R909 to follow the MIDI implementation of the Roland TR-09 Boutique. This means that an editor designed for the TR-09 will work with the R909. In particular the Editor/VST plugin from Horst Meyer. That’s a very sneaky bit of genius.

TR-09 Editor

TR-09 Editor

I’m not entirely sure how the R909 appears in your DAW or how easy it is to access without a dedicated editor. These things will no doubt become obvious once you’re using one.


The R909 is class compliant, doesn’t require any drivers and will work on MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android. Just plug it in and you’ve got a 909 drum machine ready to go. As with the Trueno I like the idea that you can carry around synths and sound sources on easily transferrable USB sticks. There’s no installation or authorisations and it has its own output which can route through a larger system – although that can also be an issue if you are trying to do things in the box.

Until the end of 909 Day the R909 will have a special price of $9.09 rather than the regular $29. That’s a nice bargain even when you factor in the €5.90 cost of the editor. And yes there’s also an 808 version.

More information

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Image Sources:
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DSP Synths R909

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7 responses to “909 Day: DSP Synthesizers releases 909 based “Plugin Synth” on a USB stick”

    Paolo says:

    nice and clever, but how do I get separate outputs?

    Jan says:

    If you want to do things all in the box you’re better off using a softplug.

    But if you want portable hardware the R909 is a true plug-in.
    It supports VST and it does retain its settings when you unplug it.

    Program it at home and plug it in at your session.
    No installation or drivers just plug and play.

    MarkH says:

    People need to look closely at the track record of this seller before committing any money to this product.

      aLBERTSWIFT says:

      Does the seller have a bad reputation?

        Andrew Magee says:

        Well, I ordered one over three weeks ago and still no sign. I followed-up with an email and I have received no reply. So yes, I would agree that the seller seems a bit suspect.

          albertswift says:

          I ordered one on 909 day and was told that it would be shipping about three weeks ago, how someone can run a business like that is beyond me, what a dishonest person.

            snaper says:

            I’ve ordered the 808 version a month ago and actually have spoken with Jan since about something else, yet, no mention of the shipping….

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