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SE-02 Editor

SE-02 Editor  ·  Source: Studio Electronics

Developed by SE sound designer and coder Emmanuel Santoul the SE-02 Editor is a standalone application for… editing the Roland SE-02.

SE-02 Editor

It pulls out all the synthesizers parameters into a beautifully rendered image of the front panel plus some functions you won’t find on the hardware.

All the banks and programmes are available for auditioning and tweaking within the library manager. This also includes patch merging and patch generation using randomisation to pull interesting sounds out of the ether. You can also apply it to the name of patches which can produce some very interesting results. Better still the manager releases you from the single user bank paradigm and lets you save and manage multiple banks. All without having to power cycle or disconnect and reconnect the box.

Here’s how they describe the software/hardware experience:

In general, one can interact with the software in the same way you would with the front panel controls of this Boutique, but the seamless integration and coordination of the two closely interacting systems, real and virtual, massively increase the programmer’s grasp of the total signal, timbre, and control flow.

VST and AU plug-in versions of the editor will be along in time but Studio Electronics figure the SE-02 users are mostly running outside of a DAW.

The Se-02 Editor will cost you a whole $4.99 for the basic version (which could be free) or $12.99 for the expanded version which includes the randomisation, MIDI learn and patch blending (which perhaps should be $4.99).

More information

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