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Best AI-Driven Audio Effect Plugins

The best AI-driven audio effect plug-ins  ·  Source: Algonaut/Gearnews


With the increase in computational power and developer competence, AI and machine learning have been seeping into signal processing (audio, photo, and video in particular) to some outstanding results. In this post, we’ll have a quick look at 5 of the finer examples we have in 2021 of cutting-edge technologies (and intense number crunching) assisting and improving the audio production process.


Baby Audio TAIP: artificial intelligence, real tape feel


BABY Audio TAIP · Source: BABY Audio

Coming from the hearty folks at Baby Audio, TAIP is a virtual tape machine that uses artificial intelligence to recreate the finer nuances of all things tape. Regardless of embodying peak 2021 tech, the effect feels very easy and intuitive to use. So that’s one reliable and quick way to go about obtaining juicy tape saturation and compression for your nostalgic lo-fi mixes.

Sonible smartseries plug-ins (smart:EQ 3, smart:reverb, smart:comp)

sonible smart:EQ 3

sonible smart:EQ 3 · Source: sonible

Sonible has been fighting the AI fight in the past couple of years. It’s smart: series plug-ins represent the latest in AI and machine learning technologies being put to prime audio engineering service. Sonible smart:EQ 3 is a competent EQ plug-in on its own, but its AI-powered tonal balance correction cleans up harsh resonances and masking with striking finesse. Sonible smart:comp is smart:EQ 3’s partner in AI crime. The plug-in offers intelligent multi-band compression that happens in a near-instant by virtue of AI audio analysis. Finally, Sonible smart:reverb is a rather unusual source-adaptive reverb plug-in. It analyses your tracks to suggest tailor-made settings instead of dishing out a couple of hundred presets by producer bigwig and leaving you on your own.


Accentize plug-ins (Chameleon, DeRoom Pro, PreTube, etc)

Accentize DeRoom

Accentize DeRoom · Source: Accentize

Not unlike fellow AI overlords Sonible, developer Accentize leans heavily on artificial intelligence and machine learning tech to come up with a seriously intriguing product catalog. First, there’s Chameleon – an adaptive reverb that makes itself pretty for your audio only. Then there are DeRoom and DeRoom Pro which use AI for the opposite – killing unwanted ambience in overly roomy recordings. Other clever applications which Acentize found for its AI chops are automatic EQ (SpectralBalance), enhancement (DialogueEnhance), and noise removal (VoiceGate) for recorded dialogue. Saturation is also on the menu with PreTube and PreFET, modeling tried and true analog components using machine learning.

LANDR: the AI online mastering house

LANDR AI mastering

LANDR AI mastering · Source: LANDR

LANDR uses very sophisticated AI and machine learning processes to distribute high quality mastering to artists who’d rather write great songs than study Bob Katz’s musings. On the path of growing its Synapse mastering engine, LANDR carefully opened it up to artists who wouldn’t hesitate when presented with a little more control over the process. LANDR also evolved into a platform with something to facilitate each step of music being born – from creation to finalizing and distribution. That’s a company on a mission and the result is AI mastering’s first household brand – a well-earned achievement!

Atlas 2 by Algonaut Audio: sample manager and beat creator with AI at heart

Algonaut Atlas 2

Algonaut Atlas 2 · Source: Algonaut

Algonaut Atlas 2 is a sample manager and instrument which can be used as a sample library for one shots and a loop generator for beats. It’s a picture-perfect means of quickly putting together drum kits and banging out some fresh ideas. The colored sample map is a superb approach to sample auditioning and discovery. The sequencing options are fun and straight to the point. The chopping and anything you will have to do yourself, though. As a beatmaker, you’d be likely taking pride of it, anyway. If you ask me, Atlas 2 is the future of casual beatmaking happening in the present. We’ll be seeing what ways it has to go.

Best AI-Driven Audio Effect Plugins

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