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Sold exclusively on the Kirk Von Hammett webstore this Korean made LTD model was limited in numbers to just 13 guitars each emblazoned with a custom Nosferatu graphic.


Released on November 30th you may well have blinked and missed it. Kirk even posted a video of himself playing the guitar in a typical spooky setting to promote the launch. The US price was $2500 and for a Korean made guitar it had a lot of people wondering how such an instrument could command this high price. I have nothing against Korean made guitars myself and think LTDs build quality is actually pretty great. Still that price tag is a little on the steep side.

As essentially its a bog standard LTD Super Strat with a slightly lame horror graphic, that would appeal maybe to a 14 year old boy as ‘being cool’.  But hey taste is subjective right?

Each guitar is hand signed and numbered by Kirk and comes with a photograph of him holding the actual guitar. Plus some weird Kirk toys. See, I’m sure these are aimed at kids.


Unfortunately the video Kirk released yesterday of him playing it sounded awful and made his new guitar sound just like a pubescent teenager getting to grips with their inner teen angst. So limited edition or not hopefully the ‘lucky 13’ that bought these guitars will sound better than Kirk did playing it.

Kirk’s tone does tend to divide opinion it must be said.

But believe me when I say he really should have put in some effort into the promo video if he expects people take these instruments seriously in the future (I’m assuming he’ll release more variations on the theme at some point). The sound coming out this new guitar was diabolical, however not in a cool way.

The video in question is still uploaded on his site so go over and check it out at




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