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Paratek Space Noise

Paratek Space Noise  ·  Source: Paratek


Just what we need in times of turmoil, something completely bonkers! КОСМИЧЕСКИЙ ШУМ or “Space Noise” is a handmade module from Russian based Paratek inspired by the Hexinverter Jupiter Storm cosmic noise generator.


Space Noise

The КОСМИЧЕСКИЙ ШУМ actually consists of two Jupiter Storms strapped into a single module and fired off into space. They say it’s pretty close to the sound of the Hexinverter module but inevitably takes on a character of its own. It has 14 separate outputs derived from a combination of 6 square core oscillators. Each oscillator has an individual pitch control as well as an overall pitch control but bear in mind this has nothing to do with v/oct – it’s more on the experimental side of pitch.

There are also 8 modulation outputs and optional feedback – or at least I think there are, the description is not entirely clear. All the toggle switches can be automated via incoming gate signals.

A mode called “Singularity” allows you to cross modulate from one unit to the other for some extremely complex timbres.

Paratek Space Noise

Paratek Space Noise

I’ve no idea what the rest of it does but it sounds completely nuts and I’m very much enjoying the Soviet cyberpunk aesthetic of the presentation.

Paratek’s Alexey Paramonov says that you can preorder one by sending him a message on Instagram. Otherwise they will be available in their Reverb store for $250 in mid-to-late April.

More information

  • Alexey Paramonov’s Instagram page.
  • Paratek Reverb store.



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Paratek Space Noise

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