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Noise Engineering Kith Ruina

Noise Engineering Kith Ruina  ·  Source: Noise Engineering


Eurorack is, of course, the new rock ‘n’ roll and Kith Ruina is here to prove it with a classic guitar tonestack of single-knob distortion and a simple EQ. Rock on.


Kith Ruina

One knob for Drive, two knobs for EQ and you have the classic guitar amp configuration. Noise Engineering believe that this can work really well for synth sounds as well – and we tend to agree. You often find drive and saturation circuits amongst the knobs and patch cables of a modular system. Kith Ruina brings it together with such simplicity and efficiency of space.

The Drive is nice and grungy which then feeds into a clean EQ “Tonestack”. The EQ consists of a high and low shelf control with a mid switch that changes the frequencies around which this happens.


The Drive and Tone sections can be used independently and have their own input and output. The output of the Drive is normalled to the input of the Tone section and so plugging “in” on the Drive and “out” on the Tone will give you the full flavour of the module. But you can go in and out on the Tone and just use the EQ – same with the Drive. This rather neatly allows you to change the order of the signal path putting the EQ first and then patch back into the Drive.

It’s a surprisingly versatile little distortion module.

Kith Ruina is available in black or silver and will be out any day for $135.

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Noise Engineering Kith Ruina

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